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re: Kinship Homestead Carlfeld


Homestead Managers:


Heroes Of Valinor, 8 Long street, Main Kinhouse
Contents: Valuable Items, Reputation items, Lvl 45 classquest items

Lost Brotherhood, 1 High Road, Dungeon/Horrorhouse
Contents: Ecadnacs wardrobe and junkyard;)

Rockhoppers,, Fortress
Contents:  Critical crafted weapons and armoury.

Emissary Of Valinor,, Winterpalace
Contents: Legendary related Items

Ulmoras, 2 Broadford Street
Contents: Metalsmith related items

Brallor, 2 Fountain Street
Contents: Cooking Supplies

Sleoto, 4 Garden Street
Contents: Recipe Scrolls

Hovtailor, 1 Garden Street
Contents: Tailor Related Items

Hovsnackbar, 7 Long Street
Contents: Finished Dishes[/i]

Contents: Gemstones, cut and uncut

Contents: Officer outfits, VIP access

Contents: Scholar items, Glory's personal items


Additional Rules:

- Every kinmember who wish to use this service is also expected to contribute to it.
- Every person has access to the houses is expected to maintain order in the containers. All the information up here should be respected. In case of doubt ask one of the homestead managers.
-We accept NO open recipes in ANY containers. We only accept closed scrolls which belongs into sleoto's house.
-Only take the contents you or someone needs and no more or return the leftovers. 
-This service remains only to kinmembers. Unless an allied has requested an item to be crafted.
-If one person or a small amount of people takes an unexplainable amount of contents out of the containers will be considered as thiefs. They will be removed from the kinship.


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